My awareness of unhealthy contaminants
in the environment goes back to earliest childhood.


Both my mother and sister were immuno-compromised throughout their lives
and highly sensitive to a variety of widely distributed industrial chemicals.

Then during a trip to Mexico in the 1970's, I became seriously ill, despite using what was considered at the time the standard, a silver-ceramic water filter. After returning home to the United States, I asked my dad, who at the time worked in micro-fibers and micro-separation at Dow Chemical, for a solution. He researched the issue and discovered that General Ecology had several relevant patents in water filtration. Shortly thereafter, he went to visit General Ecology and came home with a case of Seagull IV ™ water filters.

I’ve been selling General Ecology water filtration units ever since and my family depends on them stay healthy. Since then, I’ve also written a number of articles on water purification and sold thousands of filters. Based on the documented performance of General Ecology products by research institutions such as the Pasteur Institute, Villanova University, Betz Converse Mertz, and many more, it can be said with confidence that no pathogenic organisms can be detected at a meaningful level after passing through these units.

If you think you might have a water quality problem, I urge you to give me a call. There’s never any charge for an initial consultation and we can usually provide an outline of your options within a very short period of time.