Looking for the Purest, Safest Water Available?

          The Pure Water Place is a distributor of premier, medical-grade water filtration systems.  The Seagull IV and Spark-L-Pure systems sold and maintained by The Pure Water Place meet the most rigorous of standards WITHOUT adding chemicals to your water.


          The General Ecology "Structured Matrix" filter technology in the systems we sell was developed by top scientists and engineers from the California Institute of Technology, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Davis and the Max Planck Institute in Germany.


          Water purified with a Seagull IV or Spark-L-Pure water system:

Pure Water


- Is visibly clear

- Tastes cleaner

- Is free of Giardia

- Is free of chlorine

- Costs less than bottled water

- Is free of bacteria, cysts, and viruses*


- Above all...

Represents the peace of mind that comes from assuring the best care possible for your loved ones.


*download detailed test results

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I want the best for my family, what can I do about my drinking water?


You can treat your own water at the point and time of use. General Ecology's SEAGULL®IV  Drinking Water Systems are economical to purchase and operate, simple to install and convenient to use.  The Pure Water Place sells portable units as well as models for your home.


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